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Introducing GOTRVT Board Member: Ann Lawrence

Ann Lawrence is the Division Chief of Pediatric Anesthesiology at UVM Medical Center in Burlington, Vermont. In addition to her administrative and clinical duties, she has served as a mentor and educator to both medical students and residents at UVM. Ann is also a fervent supporter of research, particularly in the area of infant spinal anesthesia. She is extremely passionate about supporting and empowering women in the field of medicine. She believes that every woman should be able to pursue all of her dreams, without discrimination. 

Ann joined the board of GOTR in March of 2022. She recognized that her views aligned strongly with the core values of GOTR. Young girls should be happy and healthy, they should be taught to be strong and stand up for themselves and others. Ann believes that GOTR builds girls’ confidence, encourages their kindness, and activates their limitless potential!

Ann lives in Williston on what she refers to as,” The most beautiful street ever!”. She lives with her husband as well as her two confident daughters and her very kind son, her dog Hazel and her cat Hobbes. In her free time, (Wait? Who has free time?) she “enjoys” shuttling her kids to various activities, watching her dog frolic in the nearby fields, and collapsing into a deep sleep at the end of the day. Sometimes she can be found sneaking a quiet moment at the local coffee shop or working out with a bunch of amazing women at her favorite gym.

Welcome, Ann!

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