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Introducing GOTRVT Board Member: Mandy Mayer

Please welcome Mandy Mayer, one of the newest members of the GOTRVT Board of Directors! We are thrilled to have Mandy's experience, kindness, and enthusiasm helping to guide our organization. Mandy currently serves as a school nurse and health teacher at Mettawee Community School. Mandy says:

"I'm the kind of school nurse who believes in preventive care, wellness, and health skills. When I was hired to work at the Mettawee Community School many years ago, it was a goal of mine to spend my career focusing on helping kids to develop a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life. Part of that was committing to nurturing the GOTR program at our school, which we began in 2004 and it is still going strong! After 16 years of coaching, I took a break knowing that we have incredible volunteer coaches carrying the program forward. For me, joining the board is allowing me to stay involved with the program from a different perspective. I feel I can bring to the table my experiences as a coach in order to support those who might be just getting involved or who need some support with keeping their programs strong and sustainable. My greatest inspiration are the girls who have come and gone through our school and taught me about resilience, love, and friendship. I also am well aware of how important it is for kids in that tender age to have positive and supportive adult role models who give girls a place to belong and feel okay about just being themselves. My own daughter benefited so much from the program that she became a junior coach in order to give back to GOTR-VT. She still uses the skills of finding her star power among the clouds! Aside from being a school nurse, I love to run and hike long distances in order to recharge my spirit. "

Welcome, Mandy!

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